New premium oriental line of hotel cosmetics
    High-quality components, eco-friendly packaging and minimalistic design


    BASHIRA series inspired by oriental culture is a professional line of caramel-scented hotel cosmetics. Made of high-quality ingredients with a delicate and relaxing fragrance with a note of sweetness, the cosmetics will make your guests feel calm and relaxed. The guests will experience unique time in your hotel and feel relaxed as if they were in a professional spa facility. BASHIRA series is a combination of unique recipe and original layout — high-quality and ecofriendly packaging with minimalistic design will satisfy even most demanding tastes. That is why these cosmetics are a perfect complement of hotel accessories and are easy to integrate into the bathroom’s and room’s decor. It is possible to personalize print and adjust packaging design to hotel’s colours.

    BASHIRA line of products is available in a complete assortment:

    • tooth clean set (2 types)
    • shaving kit
    • shampoo (35 ml)
    • body lotion (35 ml)
    • shower gel (35 ml)
    • shower gel & shampoo (35 ml)
    • cosmetic pads
    • soap (12 g)
    • soap (20 g)
    • shower cap
    • sewing kit

Nasze marki:

  • Bashira
  • Cloudy Bay
  • Colors
  • Green Olive
  • Hermitage
  • Mono
  • Pure
  • Purple Lavender
  • Sense of nature