Economic line of hotel cosmetics
    Handy packaging, refreshing formula and original design


    CLOUD BAY is an economic line of hotel cosmetics designed specifically for businessmen as well as for dynamic and energetic people. Unique formula of cosmetics as well as delicate and refreshing scent add energy and stimulate. The style of the packaging relates to the power of seawater and at the same time is characterised by simplicity, originality and decent finishing. Simple and handy packaging is another reason why hotel guests appreciate this series. CLOUD BAY hotel cosmetics is an ideal combination of unique recipe and minimalistic layout which complements hotel rooms’ decor and will be well-remembered by the guests.

    CLOUDY BAY cosmetics:

    • bottle of shampoo (20 ml)
    • tube of shampoo (25 ml)
    • sachet of shampoo (10 ml)
    • bottle of shower gel (20 ml)
    • tube of shower gel (25 ml)
    • sachet of shower gel (10 ml)
    • bottle of body lotion (20 ml)
    • soap in carton (12 g)
    • soap in foil (12 g)
    • shower cap
    • sewing kit
    • shoe-shine sponge


Nasze marki:

  • Bashira
  • Cloudy Bay
  • Colors
  • Green Olive
  • Hermitage
  • Mono
  • Pure
  • Purple Lavender
  • Sense of nature