Handy Press&Wash systems fitted to the bathroom wall
    CONNIE&NIELSEN cosmetics in wide range of fragrances

    Handy Press&Wash systems mounted to the bathroom wall guarantee constant access to highquality cosmetics. Handy 4000 ml packaging is filled with CONNIE&NIELSEN hotel cosmetics. The option to choose cosmetics from a wide range of fragrances and colours enables easy integration into the decor of hotel rooms and bathrooms.

    Fragrance compositions:

    • LEMONGRASS – soft, fresh and energising composition of lemon grass fragrance which refreshes body and stimulates senses. The fragrance is enriched by essential oils from lemon grass which is famous for antidepressant properties. Every guest will feel calm and relaxed.
    • BERGAMOT&HONEY – warm and classic fragrance with deep notes of bergamot orange, golden honey as well as noble wooden note. Rich composition helps to relax and recharge batteries after a busy day. This pleasant fragrance will make every guest regain harmony of body and spirit.
    • RESESPICE INFUSION – romantic, sweet and sour scent reminds of sleepy summer evenings. Rich composition makes you feel elegant and surrounded by various senses. Additionally, deep note of flowers makes your worries disappear.
    • WILD ORCHID – exclusive and perfumed fragrance composition which stimulates senses and introduces wealth of luxury into each bathroom. Fascinating scent which wraps the body with a tempting combination of blooming orchid and peony based on warm musk. Expressive fragrance that you will not forget for a long time.

Nasze marki:

  • Bashira
  • Cloudy Bay
  • Colors
  • Green Olive
  • Hermitage
  • Mono
  • Pure
  • Purple Lavender
  • Sense of nature