New line of natural hotel cosmetics
    Original recipe and eco-friendly packaging design

    SOINS DE BEAUTE is a new line of hotel cosmetics inspired by nature. The cosmetics are characterised by somewhat sweet scent which gives the feeling of calm and relax; soothes the feeling of tiredness and lightens moods of guests. Original, eco-friendly packaging and highquality ingredients make hotel guests feel as if they were in a professional spa facility. Simplicity and universality of the layout, decent finishing and the option to personalise the print make the SOINS DE BEAUTE series perfectly fit for the decor of hotel rooms. The SOINS DE BEAUTE line of skin and body care cosmetics is appreciated by Clients for harmonic combination of neatly composed recipe and minimalistic design of packaging.

    SOINS DE BEAUTE assortment contains the following cosmetics and hotel accessories:

    • tooth clean set
    • shaving kit
    • shampoo
    • body lotion 
    • shower gel
    • soap
    • shower cap
    • cosmetic pads
    • sewing kit


Nasze marki:

  • Bashira
  • Cloudy Bay
  • Colors
  • Green Olive
  • Hermitage
  • Mono
  • Pure
  • Purple Lavender
  • Sense of nature